September 28, 2023


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What is Domain Authority and How to Increase It?

If you own a registered Domain Name and are searching for the best metrics to evaluate your website’s overall performance, one metric you should consider is your Domain Authority (DA). It helps you analyze your website’s overall performance and compare it to your competitors, by which you can improve your SEO strategy.

A group of SEO experts in MOZ ideated the Domain Authority concept. These metrics help determine how well a website will rank on SERPs. Google doesn’t use it as a direct ranking factor, though it is effective for evaluating the overall performance of your website compared to your competitors.

This article will guide you to analyze and increase your Domain Authority, which will ultimately help improve your website’s overall performance.

If you search for the best Domain Hosting in Australia, this article will be helpful for you. It will discuss how you can increase your domain authority after you buy a Domain Name.

What’s a good Domain Authority score?

Domain Authority score usually ranges from 1 to 100. The higher your DA score, the better your chances of achieving better results in the SERP because the SEO tool considers both the quality and quantity of links a webpage has.

Suppose your website has many backlinks from high-authority websites such as government sites and renowned newspapers. Then, it will have more chances of achieving a higher score.

How Can I Check My Website’s Domain Authority?

You can check Domain Authority score for free using the Moz website. To check your website’s DA, log in to MOZ and enter your domain’s root URL, like, and it will show you your webpage’s Domain Authority score.

The tool also provides other features like showing 

  • The number of external links,
  • The number of inbound links,
  • The number of website ranking keywords.

How to Build Domain Authority?

Searching domains with high Domain Authority will give you some ideas about how to score well on this metric. 

  1. A perfect Domain Name that suits your business can impact your website’s domain authority. Register domain names that are easy to spell and relevant to your website.
  2. You should add relevant links to your website blogs. Quality content with quality links has a better chance of ranking in Google SERP. 
  3. Focus on internal links as external links that help search engines index your website and engage more visitors.
  4. Most people browse websites using mobile phones, so optimizing your website for mobile devices is crucial.
  5. Maintaining a better loading speed for your website is critical to prevent a higher bounce rate and provide a seamless user experience.
  6. Focus on quality blog posts and post them frequently on your website to attract and engage visitors.
  7. Posting content as a guest on a higher authority website can positively impact your reputation and domain authority.
  8. Updating your older content with recent data and information is essential to improve your domain authority.
  9. Spreading your original content through social media or newsletters increases your reach and attracts more website traffic.


Building domain authority takes time. Firstly, start with the basics and follow all the possible ways you can. You won’t get immediate results, but you will start seeing positive change later. 

With time, your website will start ranking higher, and you will get more visitors. So, trust the process and start working on your content as soon as possible.