December 8, 2022


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Three Ways To Reduce AC Noise

A noisy AC unit can be a big source of stress and it might even keep someone up at night. If they have noisy AC in their house, then they need to know that there are things that they can do to help with the noise. There aren’t any one-fix-for-all fixes as each AC unit is a bit different, but those who are desperate enough from all of the noise that they have been dealing with can try anything to make it better. Below are three of the things that can potentially help with air conditioning noise reduction.

How to Reduce Noise from Outside Air Conditioner | A Quiet Refuge

1. The Fan Blade Or Motor Might Need Help

If an AC unit is in the window, then it will require a bit different care than another type of AC. It might have a problem going on with the fan blade or motor if it is always making loud sounds. Those who have this type of AC can check the blades to see if they need to be cleaned. They can also try adding a bit of oil to the blades to see if that will help them to spin around more smoothly. The oil can also help the motor, and they will just want to be careful to only add a drop or two so that it will lubricate it without being too much.

2. Check the installation

Another thing to check if someone is dealing with noise from a commercial AC unit is by checking the installation, the unit may not be sitting there right.  Then it might be making a lot of noise because of that. The vibrations that it is making might be because of how it is installed in the concrete platform, and it is important to check if it’s leveled properly. It may just need proper calibration. Nuts and bolts can become loose over time and due to inclement weather. Having a technician come out and check the AC unit may be a good call to determine the best course of action. 

3. Noise Reduction Panes Can Help With the AC Noise

For a central AC unit there are different steps they need to take to see what is making the noise in their AC. They can check to see if the parts need lubricating, just as with the window AC unit, but they can also see if a sound blanket is needed. This is an item that will be wrapped around the AC to keep the sound from getting too loud. Noise reduction panels work well with this type of air conditioner because it doesn’t affect how this machine performs but can be wrapped around the whole thing to help quiet it down. It is best to check the bearings and everything else going on with the AC first to make sure that it is running smoothly, and then to get the sound blanket. That way there will be no worries about how it is running but the sound will be quieted and the one who owns it will feel relaxed because of the air conditioning noise reduction.