December 5, 2022


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How to Effectively Use Social Media Platforms for Customer Service?

How to Use Social Media for Effective Customer Support Management


Social media is a cardinal tool used by the marketing team of an organization, but it can also be used to enhance a business’s customer service. But keep in mind, in order to reap the complete benefits of this strategy, you need to implement it correctly. If you don’t manage your social media presence carefully, it may tarnish your brand’s reputation and drive the prospects away.

Your business should have social media customer service strategies in place, as it serves as another platform to get in touch with the customers and vice versa. This practice entails the usage of social media platforms to answer and solve customer queries and issues. It is a highly effective customer service strategy as it allows customers and prospects to reach you on the platforms they are already using. These days all businesses from small brick-and-mortar businesses like your local grocery store to large corporations like Optimum Internet are using social media platforms to enhance the quality and efficacy of their customer service.

In this article, we’ll share a few statistics to highlight the significance and prevalence of social media customer service and a few tips to effectively use social media platforms for customer service.


Social Media Customer Service – Facts and Figures

Listed below are some statistics that’ll highlight why businesses should incorporate social media customer service into their business plan.


  • Around 60% of customers believe solving issues quickly is the most important part of good customer support.
  • About three-fourth of people will most likely message businesses more in the future for customer service queries.
  • Up to 65% of people would rather message than call a business.
  • Up to 60% replied to users’ Tweets within 15 minutes of being posted.
  • Around one billion messages are exchanged between businesses and people every month on Facebook messenger
  • Around 70% of Facebook users in the US message businesses online, and claim to feel more confident about the brand
  • 60% of users say poor customer service is an issue for them when making an online purchase
  • Up to 40% of holiday shoppers swear they are more inclined to make a purchase from a brand they can message

5 Tips to Effectively Use Social Media for Customer Service

The best thing about social media customer service is that it may take effort to implement it in your organization but the process of executing this strategy is fairly simple and straightforward. Just follow the below-mentioned tips to reap the benefits of using social media for customer service.


  • Choose the right social media platforms for your business

The first question you should ask yourself is which social media platforms your customers are using. If you don’t know the answer to it, just ask current customers to fill out a survey to know which platforms you should include in your social media customer service strategy. By going where a large number of your customers already are, enables you to provide a customer service that’s familiar to their preferred network. Don’t assume that Twitter and Facebook are the best fit for your audience just because they are popular social networks.


  • Track social media mentions

In order to be proactive, you don’t have to constantly stare at your social media feed all day. There are a number of tools out there like Mention and Social Mention that will send you an alert when you get mentioned somewhere throughout the platform. These tools can help you stay proactive and respond to your customers in real-time.


  • Use the right tone of voice

It is important to use the right tone of voice in customer support. This is a little bit tricky, especially on platforms like Facebook where you are given a limited number of characters per post, which makes it difficult to get the nuance and tone right. The appropriate tone totally depends on your customer and the best way to get it right is to adjust your tone to match the customers.


  • Speed matters

It is important that you be prompt when it comes to replying to customers’ queries on social media. As per a survey, up to 32% of employees expect to get an answer within 30 minutes and up to 42% expect it within 60 minutes. The face passed nature of these platforms at a time creates expectations that are different when it comes to other platforms like emails, where a response after 24 hours is acceptable.


  • Tackle negativity with positivity on social media

Businesses are more inclined to defend themselves when a negative comment is posted by a customer. As it has been said previously by many, “Customers are always right!” This age-old saying applies tenfold when it comes to dealing with customers online. When a customer posts a negative comment online each and every one of your current and potential customers can read that comment. That’s why how you deal with that negative comment matters a lot. To prepare for it, you can gather previous negative calls and emails for review and create a couple of positive and empathizing responses for each.


Wrapping Up

The effectiveness of your social media customer support depends on the type of service you provide. Make sure the responses are accurate, timely, brief, sensitive, and friendly. Give your agents the required training and devise a strategy to tackle negative comments.

There are different businesses out there offering different levels of customer service. Such as the one that Optimum offers, Optimum Customer Service ensures all customer queries related to their internet services are heard and answered. Different businesses need different customer service strategies depending on their type of business and the audience they cater to. Take note of all the necessary points before devising an effective customer service strategy.