December 6, 2022


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Edward Snowden Uses Xi Jinping’s China To Highlight Censorship Peril: Twitterati Asks ‘Isn’t It Similar To Your Friend In The Kremlin?’

Self-proclaimed CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who was a short while ago granted citizenship by Russia, took to Twitter on Saturday to warn of a far graver menace than censorship.

“What disturbs me extra is not the censorship alone, but how it styles the ideology of persons,” Snowden tweeted. His reviews came as he quotation-tweeted an AFP tale that reviewed governing administration surveillance by the communist regime in China, led by President Xi Jinping.

Whilst China’s communist leaders have been authoritarian, the scenario worsened immediately after Xi took about in 2021, as he reined in the freewheeling social undercurrents of the switch-of-the-century employing a combination of “technology, legislation and ideology” to squeeze dissenters, the AFP report said.

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Snowden’s comments did not make sense to a Twitter user.

“Isn’t it equivalent to your close friend in the Kremlin. He is fairly of a cult-like determine and the censorship is also the same. How occur China bothers you but Russia does not?” the person said.

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