November 26, 2022


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Does Maltipoo Shed Or Smell?      

Maltipoo is known to be friendly, intelligent, and all so adorable at the same time. They’re quickly finding their way into the hearts of several pet parents today. It is known as a designer dog because these charming little pups are a new breed that falls in the significant category of poodle mixes, and they are a mix between Maltese and the poodle. With round heads, small stature, and floppy ears, these dogs carry the appearance of the puppy for all their lives. If you’re wondering about the Maltipoo shed or smells, then you are on the right page because you can get all the details about the Maltipoo right here.

Reasons Why Maltipoo is Shedding

People generally wonder why their dog is shedding when described as non-shedding. While adopting this breed, you would assume that you are clear for shedding because this breed is known as hypoallergenic. The dogs shed minimally, but there is no such thing as the dog not going to shed at all.

You need to know that when a breed is described as non-shedding, they shed less than others. Maintaining your furry friend’s health will ensure that shedding stays minimally. If the Maltipoo is shedding excessively, it can be a sign of a huge problem.

Reasons Why The Dog Is Shedding

There are several reasons why the dog is shedding. Whether you like it or not, you would have to take some action to reduce the shedding around, but if something does not seem pretty normal to you, there could be a huge problem. Generally, this dog will lose the puppy court when they are around 10 to 16 months. And the parent breed, even the poodle and Maltese, go through the same transition, which means it is entirely natural for the Maltipoo.

The Reasons Can Be The Following

Excessive Hair Loss

The dog might be suffering from health conditions if it is excessive. The skin condition can be anything from minor to more severe health problems. You can check with the expert to understand if your dog has some skin ailments by gently parting and looking at the skin beneath to find anything off. For example, the dog might exhibit excessive chewing of some parts of the body, and it is essential to know that the skin problems could be localised to just one area of the dog, resulting in hair loss across the entire body.


Your dog’s skin can become irritated when exposed to allergens externally. For example, they can be highly allergic to flea bites that cause irritation and hair loss.

Brush The Dog Regularly

One of the best ways to ensure your dog maintains a healthy coat is by brushing it regularly. Depending on their gene, they could have wavy or curly hair, and it is possible that they could even have straight hair.

Ensure perfect nutrition

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining the healthy coat of your furry friend. A balanced diet must include protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Healthy fats will help keep the dog’s skin, and you should give the dog omega-3 fatty acids to ensure it is healthy and beautiful.

 Does Maltipoo Smell?

Unlike other dogs, these dogs do not smell but keeping a puppy in your house It. would require a lot of care, and this is something you should be ready for your new puppy. A stinky puppy is always unpleasant, so people look forward to buying dogs that do not stink. Unfortunately, no such thing exists because we cannot eliminate a dog’s smell.

Maltipoos Do not smell under very clean dogs that you can keep in your house, but they still require regular cleaning or bathing. In addition, they must be conditioned and shampooed, and their nails must be cut. Your dog will never smell if all the cleaning measures are well cared for.

How Can You Make Your Maltipoo Smell Great?

Use proper hygienic tools.

To avoid the smell, you must use proper hygienic tools, including mouthwash, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. An excellent toothbrush will remove any food particles or debris in the mouth.

Bathe Dog Regularly

One of the most important things you need to consider is bathing the dog regularly. Irrespective of their appearance, they should be cleaned once every three weeks, which will make them smell good and also avoid several infections which can be transmitted further to the people in the house.


Maltipoos are a great choice to keep pets because they are not only small and loving but also pretty clean dogs that do not create different problems for the residents in the house. The best part is that they are not shedding that much, so you don’t have to collect them all over the place. In addition, the hair makes them safe to use for people who have severe pet allergies, and they are the cleanest breed of dogs and, of course, the least smelly of all.