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TwitterSplit is twitter simple...

Example of TwitterSplit linking to Cuil
  1. You want FOLLOWERS, right?

  2. and... people FOLLOW those folks that are interesting and link out to cool stuff, right?

  3. I bet you link out to web pages from your Twitter posts, right?

  4. This is no big deal if you like being a twitter springboard for your followers, right?

  5. This gets really cool when you send newbies and non-follows off into the wild blue yonder, right? ...WRONG!

  6. Let TwitterSplit lasso that "wild blue yonder," not only bringing your traffic back, but it will impress those that experience it.

Example of TwitterSplit linking to Twitter

TwitterSplit: How it works...

  1. You make a Twitter post, like usual.

  2. You decide to add a link to some external site, like perhaps

  3. Normally you just post the raw link (or perhaps shorten it with a URL redirect).

  4. With TwitterSplit, everything is much the same, except you put your own URL in front of any external URL, separating them with a single "?" question mark. That's it!

    Format:    Your link Question Mark External link

    Examples (all open in a new window):

    MAN CAN FLY - Here is an example with long TwitterSplit URL shortened (note the "My Twitter Toolbar" in upper banner):

  5. Once the TwitterSplit script is installed (it takes about 10 minutes) and you've prepared some simple text or a banner for the top... you're set for life. TwitterSplit auto-frames every link you post.

  6. It's so simple even a TwitWit could do it.

  7. A Few Notes...
    Some sites (like Squidoo) over-ride TwitterSplit, but most will work perfectly. You can even add Google analytics or any other tracker if you like. You will need the ability to upload the script to your server. You can shorten the entire double URL link with any tiny URL redirect, like this example: Examples on this page include a random quote feature NOT a part of the basic TwitterSplit script.

    Advanced Versions...
    Twitter Twenius Twitter Genius The basic TwitterSplit script is free, however, if you desire genius advanced versions plus over-the-top additional Twitter tools and strategies, you might wish to become a "Twitter Twenius." Details are available at, Twitter Genius, Twitter Twenius... this is the e=mc² of Twitter.

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Twitter News

Twitter: in search of change to resurface

The president of the company confirmed the resignation of five senior executives.

Twitter has 307 million active users.

Twitter has 307 million active users.

Twitter emerged on 15 July 2006 and quickly became a phenomenon. In the beginning, it took Twttr name and was released as a service company Odeo.It worked as a system to send text messages (SMS) group. The main reason why the platform micro-blogging adopted the 140 – character limit responded to the nature of the system in its infancy : as it was a network based on SMS was necessary to adapt to the restrictions: operators limited this method of communication up to 160 characters. They left 20 free characters so that it could include the user name. By March 2008, the social network and added 1.3 million registered users. On June 19 of that year, NASA used his Twitter account to communicate the discovery of water on Mars by the Phoenix Mars probe. This event showed the potential of Twitter as a communication channel for breaking news. Months later, in January 2009, Twitter became the most important platform for information related to landing us airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River (New York). it was a peak moment for the platform and consolidated as a driver of change in communication patterns. he turned the citizen protagonist of coverage.When Oprah Winfrey managed to 130,000 followers that only one day after registration, it became clear that, too, was an ideal tool to connect to public figures with their followers. Despite its relevance and its social impact, since its inception presented a slow growth in users. One of the reasons cited by analysts is that its usage model has never been easy for neophytes.Nor has managed to implement a model of successful advertising. It is estimated that about 14 percent of users do not enter directly to the platform, but through ‘apps’ third, reducing the ability to view digital pattern. Twitter faces a shake -up for lost. Since the second quarter of 2013, until today, has just doubled its user base from 150 million to 307. His efforts to entice netizens have yielded mediocre results. It is estimated that the number of registered users is more than 1,000 million, which means that only a quarter is active. The share reached a record high in December 30, 2013, when it reached $ 69. However, the momentum lasted for a short period of time. In May 2014 and had fallen to $ 30.50 and currently stands at $ 17, 35 percent less than when he arrived at the Stock Exchange in November 2013 with a value of $ 26.

Twitter suspends account ELN after announcing armed strike

The guerrillas begin this action in commemoration of the anniversary of death of the priest Camilo Torres.


Account of the guerrilla National Liberation Army of Colombia (ELN) in the social network Twitter was suspended Saturday after announcing an armed strike would begin on Sunday.

“Suspended. This account has been suspended,” say @ELN_RANPAL accounts and @ELN_Colombia that Friday had released a statement on the conduct of a strike that will last 72 hours.

“We can suspend an account if it has been reported to us as a violation of our rules about abuses”, the report said Twitter and remember that one of its rules prohibiting “sending threats to others or impersonate other accounts “.

The ELN Central Command confirmed Friday on his Twitter account his call for an armed strike from 14 to 17 February, in memory of the priest Camilo Torres, killed rebel icon 50 years ago by the military.

After the announcement of the rebel group President Juan Manuel Santos said the military “is fully prepared for this course armed strike. They know what to do”.

The government of Santos holds preliminary peace talks with the ELN for two years without a close advance.

The Armed Forces are on “high alert” for new violent actions expected these days, when it also commemorates the death of two other famous fighters, the also priests Domingo Lain (20 February 1974) and Manuel Pérez, “El Cura Pérez .

Twitter now lets you add descriptions to shared photos

The description can be up to 420 characters.

The description can be up to 420 characters.

The update is available for iOS and Android systems.

Twitter has decided to upgrade to iOS and Android with him a new possibility of including messages in photographs that are uploaded by its users with the aim of that shared its platform images are accessible to all people, especially those with visual impairments.

This new feature, which lets you add descriptions up to 420 characters , has been extended to specialized applications for people who need visual aids such as EasyChirp, The Qube and Chicken Nugget.

Activation for Android

To access this function will have to go to the settings in the application by clicking the icon ‘overflow’.

Then enter in the section on ‘Accessibility’ , there you will find the option‘Write image descriptions’ , the selected and will be activated this function.

Like Android, it is necessary to go to the menu ‘Settings’ by pressing the tab‘I’ and then the gear icon.

You should then enter ‘Accessibility’ and next to the option ‘Write image descriptions’ check the box to activate the settings.

The publication made in his blog, the Twitter team says he is very happy to “be able to make images accessible to the widest possible audience, so that everyone can be included in the conversation and experience the greatest moments together”

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